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About drinkNAB

drinkNAB© was founded in 2019 to raise the profile of non and low alcoholic beverages, so that all may enjoy quality, choice and availability.


Leading a hectic life and needing to be on my game, I had stopped drinking beer and spirits pretty much entirely and, quite frankly, missed the taste! My knowledge of NABs was limited to one brand that has been around a while but never really hit the spot. A friend introduced me to the new world of non and low alcoholic drinks in 2019. Shortly after, I went to my nearest supermarket and brought a pack of every one they stocked – it wasn’t a very full trolley – and began my journey.

I am not a trained connoisseur, just an ordinary guy who has come to appreciate the skill of drinks makers in their quest to craft an ever increasing range of quality alternatives…and I’m not alone. A few quick searches and my journey introduced me to thousands of like-minded people across the globe. A little closer to home and i discovered my wife was also one of them...


I don't really drink alcoholic drinks. Maybe half a glass of wine on special occasions but even that sends me a bit tipsy. The latter I simply don't have time for as a juggle children, career and other commitments. Michael introduced me to some of the non-alcoholic alternatives. Some I really didn't like but some were completely delicious. Now I just can't wait to introduce others to the ones I like. 

The NAB community

We all have three desires in common…QCA!

1) We want QUALITY NABs – taste, aroma, body – you name it, we want it

2) We want CHOICE – not just the same few drinks

3) We want AVAILABILITY - in pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and online in multiple countries.

So please join us in raising a glass to non-alcoholic craft, join us as we fight for QCA, join us as we review all manner of delights, and someday soon, choose from a range of NABs in your local pub knowing you played a part in them getting there.

Reviews and Ratings

When it comes to tasting, there are far greater talents than I, with far more impressive vocabulary to match. Therefore drinkNAB house reviews are kept to simple observations - personal and concise. However, don't let this put you off from exercising your own talents, however elementary or advanced. Your perceptions of aroma, taste, mouthfeel etc are vital in building a rich catalogue from which we may all learn.

The drinks we review are chilled (if required) in a normal refrigerator, poured into a normal glass, and tasted with notepad in hand.

Sponsorship and Advertising

We're looking to work with manufacturers, pubs, restaurants, events companies - basically anyone working in the non-alcoholic beverage sector. If you're interested in sponsoring one of our growing categories of products, or highlighting a particular product on our website please get in touch. We're looking to grow strong relationships with trusted partners who share our vision to bring great non-alcoholic drinks to the mass market, with a much wider choice than has been available before. For more details please email


From time to time we get sent products to review. We do our best to not let this affect our judgement but just in case it does subconsciously,  the community reviews add an extra check to this. Thanks to Big Drop Brewing Co., Everleaf, Stryyk and Borrago for sending us free samples. 

Alcohol Content Calculator

Compare an alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic equivalent. Simply complete the form below with the details from your drinks labels to see how they compare.

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