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Beck's Blue

  • Beck's
  • Germany
  • 0.05 % ABV
  • 46 kcal/100ml

Brauerei Beck & Co. Beck's Blue

  • Brauerei Beck & Co.
  • 0.05 % ABV

German Purity or Flavoured Water?

According to the bottle, this is brewed under German purity laws. These laws limit the amount of hangover inducing chemicals in the beverage (sulfites etc). Unfortunately in order to achieve this, and the non-alcoholic accreditation, Becks seems to have taken the purest spring water, and added a drop of their normal beer and put it in a soda stream. If you like the taste I would recommend making your own at home by taking a 2 litre bottle of sparkling water and pouring in your mate's dregs.


Reviewed: 24/11/2019