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Big Drop Brewing Co. Big River Black IPA

"Intense combination of two styles, the aroma is chocolate, a little coffee with a hint of oak woodiness and pineapple. Flavour is hop forward with just a hint of chocolate and roast coffee before a clean bitter finish." - Big Drop Brewing Co.

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Don't let the hops fool you

Big Drop Brewing Co. and Four Pure Brewing Co. teamed up for this one. Aroma of a stout with Chinook hoppy ale getting in there too. Don’t let the hops fool you into thinking it rests there though – after the initial hoppy tang, the taste gets a whole lot more complex. With so many flavours, it is difficult to know how to start describing it – chocolate, coffee, sweet pineapple, ancient forest - I anticipate some interesting reviews for this. After you get used the initial striking aroma, a the rich flavours combine to give robust sustenance that stout drinkers so enjoy.

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Tangy, stouty, enjoyable. Reasonably heavy.


Reviewed: 08/12/2019 • Permalink

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A Delightfully Complex Non-Alcoholic Black IPA

Whoever came up with this combination was having a good day at the office. Having never tried a black IPA, and not being a regular stout drinker, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.

This beer is really dark - properly black in the glass. It forms a good head, which lasts fairly well and there's enough fizz to let you know that this is not a traditional stout, despite the appearance. The initial aroma and taste is hoppy, but not so much as to mask the other flavours which soon come through.

After a few mouthfulls I was getting lots of rich chocolate flavours (which to non-beer drinkers must sound bizarre) but the balance is pretty much perfect. It's quite bitter, in a good way, and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

This is an extremely drinkable non-alcoholic beer which I'm sure would have a broad appeal. For those of us who enjoy something a little out of the ordinary this is absolutely worth a try. And if you've never tried a stout, or for that matter an IPA, you could do much worse than start here.


Reviewed: 05/12/2019 • Permalink

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