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Big Drop Brewing Co. Indian Pale Lager

The World Collaboration beers are one offs brewed in batches of approx. 32000 litres.As with all Big Drop Beers, they are developed by their brewer, and then contracted out to specialty small breweries around the country.

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Malt and zesty hope are blended perfectly

An original brew, brewed in partnership with the SALT brewery based in Saltaire. Malt and zesty hops are blended perfectly to create an exciting, slightly clinical but familiar aroma. It is refreshing in the mouth without being overbearing and it’s very hard to put down.

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Lovely combo

Mmm. This is lushious, like the limey taste. Could drink many of these. Perfect for my taste, cross bread of ale and larger. The only issue is it was £3 a can which is a bit steep for my normal budget. So for that reason for special occasions of it is still around.


Reviewed: 08/12/2019 • Permalink

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