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Big Drop Brewing Co. Pale Ale

  • Big Drop Brewing Co.
  • United Kingdom
  • 0.5 % ABV
  • 18.5 kcal/100ml

"This dry-hopped pale ale is deliciously refreshing. The nose has hints of pine and honey. Packed full of flavour from citrus-heavy hops with a twist of fresh lime to create a crisp, zesty beer." - Big Drop Brewing Co.

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Others Pale into Insignificance

Of recent years I've always tended towards the new kids on the block - IPAs and more experimental beers. As a result, I often overlook anything which at first appears to be more 'traditional'. And I have to admit, that has been an oversight on my part.

I was bought this by a friend. It stayed on the shelf as I tried some other non-alcoholic beers, thinking I'd probably enjoy this, but perhaps not as much as some others. However, as I opened the well-chilled bottle and got a first glimpse of the slight fizz and hoppy aroma I knew this'd be a very enjoyable drink.

Because of the addition of some fresh lime, this Pale Ale from Big Drop Brewing Co. is a modern twist on a classic. I'd say it's far more like a modern IPA than a traditional ale, and perhaps that's their cunning plan. A beer which appeals to both traditional ale drinkers as well as those with more modern tastes.

Had I not known, I would not have suspected this beer of being non-alcoholic (OK, it's 0.5%, but that's near enough 0 in my book). There's none of that aftertaste reminicent of some of the orignal NA fayre or malt flavouring in some of the more mainstream NA beers. In fact, it's really well balanced, with a good amount of bitterness but enough citrus to keep things interesting. It's not too fizzy, but definitely not flat - which seemed just right for a pale ale.

I'll definitely be stocking up on more of these, they're sure to become a favourite amongst NA drinkers.


Reviewed: 26/12/2019