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Budweiser Budweiser Prohibition

  • Budweiser
  • United States
  • 0 % ABV
  • 34 kcal/100ml

Brewed using the same process as Budweiser original but without the alcohol. 

drinkNAB Review

An homage to its alcoholic sister

A light amber lager with a little froth when poured, Budweiser have managed to retain the ricey tones in this homage to its alcoholic sister. Extremely crisp, bright and fizzy, it quenches the thirst well on a hot day but does it satisfy in a sultry blues venue? You won’t be overpowered by flavour but, if you can handle the fizz, you’ll probably be reaching for another one. Indeed, this is a lager you may want to come back to, though you are never entirely sure why.

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