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Erdinger Weissbrau Weissbier Alkoholfrei

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Impressive start

An impressive start as a decent froth forms on top of the opaque, light amber liquid, and a faint aroma reminiscent of abbey pale ales eminates. A very tight by not overpowering fizz prevents you from drinking this too fast and gives a nice feel on the tongue as you relax into it, perhaps whilst reading a comfortable book. This is not a beer to quench your thirst in one hit, but rather a beer that forces you to slow down and think. Overall, I like it. If I had one criticism it would be that I found the taste strangely inconsistent. Sometimes I had Leffe-like roundness, other times the froth didn't carry as much aroma as I would have liked, and occasionally I was reminded that I was drinking an NA. Almost there Erdinger.

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Sports recovery drink

This is a very tasty, refreshing German lager which works really well as a thirst quencher. I often have a couple of these after hard excel use and find it’s a really light sweet enough flavour without being too sweet. It has a depth of flavour I enjoy too.


Reviewed: 27/11/2019 • Permalink

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