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Infinite Session American Pale Ale

"Our award-winning American Pale combines a smooth, six-grain body with tropical US hops to give a refreshing & bitter flavour. It's double dry-hopped to be full-bodied and taste just like your favourite craft beer." - Infinite Session

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Soooo refreshing!

I'm so glad I didn't read the label on this bottle as it meant I could discover the tropical, fruity aroma for myself. Not too overpowering, and not too sweet - just enough to perk your interest. I then became concerned that this would end up being akin to one of those cartoned tropical juice drinks, but on pouring it became immediately clear that this was not to be the case. The flavours are subtle, the hops come through nicely, and it lacks the in your face bitterness that so many dry hopped beers now have, in favour of a nice tang. Goodness gracious, this is drinkable...and I mean, REALLY drinkable. I tried to hold it in my mouth to ensure thorough discernment of the flavours and mouthfeel, but this was pretty much impossible as I just wanted to down it. The experience reminded me of fruit pastel competitions as a kid - trying desperately not to chew it when every fibre in your being tells you to do the opposite. My only complaint about this beer is that it really does need to be sold in bigger bottles!!

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Mine was from a can rather than bottle. Like this simple packaging.
Really enjoying this hoppy American pale ale. I do struggle with its odd smell though. However, if I ensure I don't breath in it tastes pretty good.


Reviewed: 08/12/2019 • Permalink

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