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Maisel Weisse Alkoholfrei

drinkNAB Review

It's a 'No' from me

This has great reviews on other sites and the World Beer Awards said it was the World's Best Alcohol Free Wheat Beer in 2018...but I'm really not convinced. An initial tangerine aroma promised something interesting, and indeed, there is something a little Christmassy about the taste but I was not about to press the golden buzzer. The mouthfeel is ok, but not as robust or creamy as I was expecting. Then an all too familiar unfermented NAB aftertaste reared its ugly head. Not much at all, but enough in the background to make me consider if I was going to finish the glass. When so many other NAB brewers have managed to get away from this entirely, I was surprised to find it. Therefore, for me this beer does not have talent. I wonder what David Hasselhoff thinks?

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