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Open Gate Pure Brew Ultra Low Alcohol Lager

"After two years of experimentation, our fully fermented, non-alcoholic lager stands shoulder to shoulder with all our great-tasting beers. This crisp, golden lager uses Irish malts, Australian and American hops, and has a sweet, fruity, hoppy flavour" - Open Gate Brewery

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I think I'm in love

I think I'm in love. Modern, hoppy bitterness is not really my thing, but Open Gate do this so very well indeed. You know when a NAB hits the spot when you can't walk past the refridgerator without grabbing one. A faint fruit aroma combines with the hops to give a refreshing and reassuringly complex scent, and the taste immediately lets you know you are in safe hands. Like a good movie or a sports game, I don't want to tell you how this ends. Taste this for yourself...and soon!

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Hoppy with a hint of lemon

Hoppy with a hint of lemon, this is a light brew with a milder bitterness characteristic of lagers but without the harsh edges. Pleasant and easy drinking.


Reviewed: 03/01/2020 • Permalink

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