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Thornbridge Riverside Brewery Big Easy

"Full of flavour but low in alcohol, Big Easy overflows with sublime American hops which produce a beautiful bouquet of lemon, peach and apricot" - Thornbridge

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Gotta drink a bottle or two

Initial aroma on opening was a little off-putting but once the pent up smells dissipated the more subtle and attractive apricot and peach tones came through. A fairly standard NA overfizz didn't detract from a fairly good pale ale taste with a tang of hoppy bitterness from the American hops. I think 'sublime' is perhaps over-marketing this, but as a go to NA pale ale with a bag of nuts, you've probably gotta drink a bottle or two. 

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Buy again

This is a nice light ale, perfect for my taste and have enjoyed this on a couple of occasions and would be one to purchase again. I don't have a proper stemmed beer glass but fits perfectly in my large wine glass. Good colour, enjoy the fizz. Nice bottle too.


Reviewed: 18/12/2019 • Permalink

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