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Reviews of Non-Alcoholic and Low-Alcohol Drinks from Bad Co

Bad Co Next Day IPA

  • Bad Co
  • United Kingdom
  • 0.5 % ABV

drinkNAB Review

Quenches a thirst

What are you looking for in an IPA? This beer has gotten some middle to low ratings - understandably so. It is a bit lacking in taste, and I'm not sure it has a 'strong, hoppy flavour' as one reviewer put it - this isn't even close on the hop Richter scale compared to the many dry-hopped beers that frequently appear these days. However, sometimes you just want something to quench a thirst, with just enough flavour to remind you of IPA, without the sweetness of lager. This works as a 'grab a big of mini cheddars, put on your ox set, and drink away' beer. You wouldn't serve it to try impress your mates, but you would keep a six pack handy for a chilled night in. Some may say my score of 3.5 is a little high, but the fact remains that I'm buy this again as an easy to drink, ice-cold, go-to whereas there are many beers that provided an experience that I'd be hesitant to part with money for again. 

drinkNAB Rating

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