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Reviews of Non-Alcoholic and Low-Alcohol Drinks from Celtic Marches

Celtic Marches Holly Golightly

"Light, fresh and only 0.5% ABV, her low alcohol label is not to be underestimated. With plenty of body, a touch of acidity as the end note and the wonderful tannin aftertaste that only 100% pressed cider apples can give. This lady is a full flavoured medium cider with strong roots in our range." - Celtic March

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Natural, authentic taste

My early experience of cider was as a young man visiting the West Country and tasting a rather alcohilic, rough scrumpy whilst listening to the Wurzels. Holly Golightly is much more refined than that - perhaps the Worcester influence -  yet somehow manages to retain that natural, authentic taste without the alcohol. I wouldn't drink it too cold - this seems to allow watery apple juice overtones. Let it breath for a minute or two though and the flavours and aromas will transport you to any pastoral scene of your imagination's choosing. I had this with a rich Coq au Vin and it couldn't have been more perfect. However, this is definately one to drink by itself as well. Overall, a very pleasing addition to the authentic alcohol free cider selection.  Well done Celtic Marches for being early to market with this. It is appreciated. 

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