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Reviews of Non-Alcoholic and Low-Alcohol Drinks from Scavi And Ray

Scavi and Ray Non-Alcoholic Sparkling

‘Scavi & Ray Non-Alcoholic Sparkling tantalises the taste buds with its fresh nose and fruity tang’ - Scavi & Ray

drinkNAB Review

Surprisingly good

I wasn’t expecting much from such an inexpensive bottle of alcohol free sparkling wine, but this really did deliver. It is rather on the sweeter side of Proseccos but doesn’t really declare itself as a substitute unless you really look for those tell-tale signs. I consumed a number of glasses, and even my Prosecco drinking friend was impressed. This would be perfect for a ‘dry’ gathering - wedding, baptism etc, and we will be buying more for parties in the future. 

drinkNAB Rating

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