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Mocktails Karma Sucra Mockapolitan

drinkNAB Review

Pleasing dryness

A pleasing dryness on the tongue from the cranberry, and a bit of lime makes this a nice, slow drinking mocktail. I'm not detecting too much triple sec (an orange liqueur) in there, though the sweetness comes across. Overall, I feel it could just do with a bit more flavour. 

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Community Reviews

grown up cranberry juice

A very pretty colour and basically very nice cranberry juice with a bit of a kick. Can make out the lime taste coming through. Nice party drink.


Reviewed: 09/02/2020 • Permalink

Diluted cranberry juice

Pretty pink colour. Sweet and quite refreshing. Pleasant taste, but for me not different enough from drinking diluted cranberry juice!


Reviewed: 09/02/2020 • Permalink

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