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Sipling Spiced Rum & Cola

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Cola bottles

A pleasing sweet, rum-like aroma from the bottle, I was hoping for more from the taste. Think cola bottle sweets and you'll be pretty close. I do wonder if they've just overdone the sugar here, but some may prefer it this way. Personally, I'd like a lot more rum to come through and perhaps a bit of a kick. As you can get some cracking rum alternatives such as Rumish and Stryyk Not Rum, I'd recommend buying those with some decent cola and make your own. 

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Oh dear no!

Packaging was attractive and the smell and colour were OK...but then it all went a bit wrong as I tasted it. It reminded me of those cheap cola flavoured drinks you used to get at kids parties - the ones in a sealed plastic cup with a straw to pop through the lid. Only the Siplings version was fizzy. Really quite unpleasant.


Reviewed: 09/03/2020 • Permalink

stick to cola

Kind of a fun drink and nicely cola-y but there's no 'kick' from the rum - you might as well just drink coke. I far prefer making my own rum and coke using Stryyk Not Rum.


Reviewed: 09/02/2020 • Permalink

Sweet taste

Pleasing depth of colour, and a slightly sweet taste, but lacks punch. A little disappointing.


Reviewed: 09/02/2020 • Permalink

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