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Gordons Ultra Low Alcohol Gin and Tonic Flavoured Drink

  • Gordons
  • United Kingdom
  • <0.5 % ABV

"All the complexity of a Gordons & Tonic, but with less than 0.5% ABV and 68 calories per serve. Available ready-to-drink in two flavours, with a hint of lime or grapefruit, both bursting with flavour" - Gordons

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A Good Effort from Gordon's

I’m not sure what I was expecting? It’s quite expensive and therefore I was hoping for Gordon’s to have really hit the nail of the head. The taste is refined, subtle, and you can definitely remember the Gordon’s gin feel. It is a bit on the flat side though. I like a tonic whose bubbles lift the juniper and other scents up, and this is rather lacklustre. The grapefruit or the lime, whichever you go for is a nice background touch, rather than an alcopop hit. Enjoyable, but if only it had more fizz...

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Could Do Better

I don't drink a lot of gin, but I've had my fair share of G&Ts over the last few years, so I knew what I was hoping to experience when I tried this alcohol-free 'flavoured drink'.

Unfortunarely, for me, it didn't really deliver. I don't know whether it's because I was hoping for the full Gordon's experience, or whether, because of the nature of the ingredients (which are not simply gin and tonic water), it just felt a little too artificial. Either way, as a reasonably pleasant alternative to overly sweet soft drinks it's perfectly adequate, but as a replacement for a proper G&T I'm not so sure.

I tried the grapefruit variety which certainly packs a citrus punch - if a little too on the sour side, especially when paired with the bitterness of the 'tonic'. However, I didn't really pick up on the gin flavour at all. Perhaps I just wasn't tuned in, alternatively it may be just a little too subtle to get noticed amongst the other flavourings.

I expect, if you're a big fan of Gordon's & tonic, you're probably going to end up a little disappointed with this. If you happen to be avoiding alcohol and find one of these on a night out give it a try, if you fancy. But I think there are probably better options, even if it's just a better quality or flavoured tonic water and ice.


Reviewed: 23/02/2020 • Permalink

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