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Ish Spirits Ginish

drinkNAB Review

A worthy alternative

I begin many of my reviews of non alcoholic spirits with 'don't try drinking this neat'. Usually this advice comes from the manufacturer and usually I don't follow it and then wish I had. Many, including this one, are designed to be part of a cocktail, even if that is just adding a good quality tonic.  I added some FeverTree Premium Indian Tonic Water to Ginish and immediately released the juniper along with a curiously refreshing cucurbit taste in the background. Indeed, I did wonder about adding a bit of cucumber to this.  I'd personally prefer it to be a little stronger and found myself a double measure to get the desired effect on my second tasting. The capsicum adds a good but subtle heat to help make up for the lack of alcohol, and I feel it does this in a more sophisticated manner than many of its contemporaries. Overall, this is a very good alternative to include in a basic gin & tonic, and would no doubt work well for those deep into their mixology. 

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