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Lindemans Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir Muscat

drinkNAB Review

Didn't win the struggle

Making non alcoholic wine taste like the real thing is a very hard undertaking. Most of the taste is carried through the alcohol and so take that out and you really struggle. This unfortunately did not win that struggle. Whilst the cork popping was very pleasing - I had to check I didn't need to replaster our friends' ceiling - that's about where the smiles ended. A sickly aroma led to an unpleasant and cloying taste - the bottle remains undrunk. One of our friends did actually like it, but another said those words I hate to hear-  'maybe wine is just something that needs alcohol'. Having enjoyed the Scavi and Ray, I feel this isn't necessarily true, but if this was the only one you'd tried you may not ever try another. 

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